An American General explained the White House’s infamous record of the war as an oversight

Former US military attache to Russia, retired Brigadier General Peter Zak, said that the lack of mention of the USSR in the white house message about the victory over Nazism was the result of an oversight.

I am “firmly convinced” that the lack of mention of the USSR “was unintentional,” the message was published “by oversight.” The General suggested that the author of the word “knew the great Patriotic war of the Western front, so did not fully realize the huge contribution and sacrifice of the USSR to our common victory.”
The former military attache is sure that the US is not trying to belittle the critical role of the USSR in the victory over Nazism. In particular, he pointed to a joint statement by Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.
Recall that the White House on the anniversary of the victory in World War II called the winners of Nazism only the United States and Great Britain, without mentioning the role of the Soviet Union.

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