An American expert told how you can quickly destroy the coronavirus

High temperatures and humidity, as well as direct sunlight, quickly destroy the new coronavirus both in the air and on various surfaces. This was announced on Thursday by acting Undersecretary of homeland security for science and technology William Bryan, speaking at the White house. He presented the results of a study conducted by the US Department of homeland security.

Our most striking observation to date is that direct sunlight has a strong effect and leads to the death of the virus both on the surface and in the air. We see a similar effect with [high] temperature and humidity. Their increase is detrimental to the virus,” said Brian.

According to him, when exposed to direct sunlight, at a temperature of 21 to 24 degrees Celsius and humidity of 80%, the virus begins to die in two minutes, being on the surface. At the same time, it begins to break down in the air after a minute and a half when exposed to direct sunlight, temperatures from 21 to 24 degrees, and humidity of only 20%.

He also reported that the coronavirus in saliva drops survives best indoors and in dry conditions.

Also, Brian informed that bleach will kill the coronavirus in five minutes, and isopropyl alcohol in 30 seconds.

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