Americans were outraged by Biden’s gesture at the funeral ceremony

Viewers of the Fox News channel found the act of U.S. President Joe Biden offensive during the ceremony of welcoming the bodies of American servicemen who died last week in an explosion in Afghanistan. It seemed to them that the head of the White House was looking at his watch.

The day before, a military transport plane delivered 13 coffins to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Along with Biden, his wife, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and generals and officials were present there.

“He was distracted, looked around, and never saluted the fallen heroes who returned home in a box covered with an American flag,” the commentator noted on social networks.

“Yes, he definitely looked like he had nothing to do. Blatant disrespect,” they stressed in the comments.

“He can’t even pay enough attention to the people who died fighting for Americans and our families. Disgusting!” wrote another user.

This whole show is organized for one person, and he just doesn’t care about people,” agreed with the previous commentator.

“He doesn’t have a heart,” the user added.

Under the nickname “Donald Trump,” the commentator reminded everyone that Americans chose the wrong president in the last election.

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  1. We didn’t choose the wrong president, we chose the RIGHT PRESIDENT! The crooked Democratic leaders STOLE THE ELECTION which is why we have the IDIOT we have, running our country into the ground!!!


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