Americans from the Grand Princess liner will be tested for coronavirus closer to their place of residence

After the ship enters a port in Auckland they will be taken to a military base in Georgia.

Americans from the Grand Princess Cruise ship, which was banned from entering a port in California because of the alleged presence of new patients with coronavirus on board, will be taken to a quarantine center or centers closer to home for tests.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced this on Sunday.

The ship with 2,400 passengers and 1,100 crew members will dock in Auckland on Monday. From there, 34 Georgia residents and an unspecified number of Americans who live in the Eastern United States will be taken to the Dobbins air force reserve base in Georgia, Kemp said. They are expected to arrive at a base 32 kilometers from Atlanta on Monday evening or Tuesday night.

“These passengers will be tested and quarantined for possible contact with the COVID-19 virus,” Kemp said.

The Governor noted that his office “is in constant contact with the Trump administration.”

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the US government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus, announced that tests of 19 crewmembers and 2 passengers were positive. He said the ship will be sent to an unspecified non- commercial port, where all people on board will be re-analyzed.

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