Americans blamed Trump, the media, and the unvaccinated for the increase in COVID-19 cases

Vaccinated Americans blame former US President Donald Trump, conservative media, and unvaccinated residents of the States for the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 and the spread of new strains in the country, according to a survey conducted by the Axios portal together with Ipsos.

The survey was conducted from July 30 to August 2. 999 Americans attended it over the age of 18, among whom 731 people were vaccinated against CAVID-19, and 268 people were not vaccinated. The statistical error is approximately 3.3 percentage points.

Respondents were asked to choose those who they blame for the increase in infections and the spread of strains. According to the data, 35.7% of Americans who have been vaccinated blame Trump for the increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the United States. In addition to Trump, 33.4% of the vaccinated Americans surveyed blame the conservative media, 78.6% – unvaccinated residents of the United States. The current US President Joe Biden is accused by 11.5% of respondents.

In turn, more than a third of unvaccinated Americans – 36.9% – are convinced that tourists from other countries who arrived in the United States are to blame for the spread of the coronavirus. The second most popular reason was the leading American media (27.1% of the survey participants who were not vaccinated).

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