Americans appreciated Putin’s response to Biden’s attack

Readers of the Fox News website appreciated the response of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the attack of the head of the White House Joe Biden.

In March, the US president answered in the affirmative to the question of whether he considers Putin a murderer, and threatened Moscow with retribution for “interfering in the elections.” The Russian leader said in an interview with NBC that his colleague’s statement did not surprise him. Putin also compared US President Joe Biden to his predecessor, Donald Trump, and noted that the current head of the White House is a career politician who has spent almost his entire adult life in this field. He called Trump “an extraordinary person and a talented person.”

“The Russian president knows that Biden is a weakling! Democrats have been pushing for years for “Russian collusion” with Trump and have offered no evidence. Putin understood that Trump is not a timid man,” wrote 408-208line.

“Putin dealt a preemptive blow to Biden before the meeting,” jeff11038 is sure.

“Biden is just a spineless weak politician who exists to protect the bureaucratic system… nothing else matters. Putin effortlessly verbally neutralized it,” says FBtry3of43.

“Putin will easily swallow Biden. And then, laughing, he will leave the negotiation room,” argon21 is sure.

“It is obvious that the Russian president does not respect Biden, and half of our country agrees with him,” FranNC994 said.

“Putin keeps Biden right where he needs to be – under his heel,” abby9472619 is convinced.

“Vladimir laughs at Joe’s ability to climb the stairs,” howaboutnow sneered.

“Biden was a politician for 47 years, voted on bills, and was silent when disputes over them flared up. He never made any serious decisions. The Democratic Party has a high-level team for this. And Biden only obeys his superiors. Trump himself makes important decisions. From the point of view of the market, Biden is suitable for the position of manager, performer, and Trump can establish a business and be a leader,” austin2020 summed up.

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