American millionaire Stephen Klobeck is suing his ex-girlfriend – webcam model

The media actively follows the scandalous separation of 59-year-old American millionaire Steven Klobeck and 26-year-old model Stephanie Gurzanski. Former lovers not only parted ways with the scandal but now they are suing each other.

The millionaire, who initiated the breakup, accused the girl of fraud and deception. Klobek claims that Stephanie posed as a photo model, but in fact, was a webcam model and earned money by selling candid pictures on the OnlyFans portal (the service was created to exchange photos and videos of erotic and pornographic content for a fee), using his mansions, private jets for filming and even personal belongings.

Stephanie says that she herself rejected the courtship of the man and his proposal to marry him and accused the millionaire that he threatened to “ruin her life.” In our material, we have collected interesting facts about a confusing and scandalous story unfolding.

Klobek was introduced to Gurzanski by Catherine Abigail Le, called “the matchmaker for famous people.” According to Klobek, Le promised him that she would be able to find him “the woman of his dreams – one who will take care of him, love and cherish him for the rest of his life.” Such a woman was Gurzanski, whom Le introduced Klobek as a “famous fashion model” and a “good girl” looking for a “life partner.”

New acquaintances almost immediately began to spend a lot of time together, including in a luxurious millionaire mansion in Beverly Hills. Klobek, a major sponsor of the US Democratic Party and founder of the timeshare company Diamond Resorts (a timeshare is a form of property ownership in which one property is rented to several people who use it in turn, the scheme is viral in resort regions), was absolutely captivated by the Canadian model with nearly two million subscribers.

Data on the exact state of Klobek on the network varies. In June 2016, Apollo Global Management agreed to buy Diamond Resorts for $ 2.2 billion. Klobek remains the largest shareholder at the moment, and his stake is estimated at $ 500 million. Klobek himself told reporters that his fortune is about $ 1 billion.

It says on the Internet that I have only $ 100 million, and that suits me. My house in Beverly Hills is worth $ 100 million, and I have a house in Cabo for $ 45 million, and I have my own plane. You can count for yourself, – said the businessman.

Klobek said he spent about $ 1.3 million on Gurzanski over the five months that their romance lasted. Gifts included expensive lingerie, Louis Vuitton designer clothes and bags, Hermès clothing, Cartier jewellery, Sephora cosmetics, not to mention delicacies and expensive alcohol. He rented a luxury apartment for her in Beverly Hills and made a prepayment for a year’s rent so that she lived 10 minutes from his mansion. Also, Klobek allowed Gurzanski to spend 85 thousand dollars on renovating the apartment, but, according to him, she spent more than 150 thousand dollars on this. This repair turned out to be very specific.

She turned it into a porn studio. How little I knew – the millionaire lamented later, who believes that Stephanie deceived him and disgraced him.

Gurzanski claims that Klobek was aware of her filming for OnlyFans, subscribed to her account and even encouraged filming – for example, he paid for several professional photoshoots as a gift.

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