American lawyer assessed the possibility of removing Trump from power

According to American lawyer Michael Yaki, Donald Trump can be removed from power with the application of one of the amendments to the constitution.

“Regardless of whether we want it or not, I think it (Trump’s removal) may be necessary. The Twenty-fifth Amendment gives the Vice President the right to assemble a cabinet (the US administration) and, if the majority agrees, remove the president from power. What we saw today is a president doing absolutely everything to violate our constitution and the inaugural oath, his actions threatening local and national security. Who knows where this will all go,” the San Francisco lawyer told Sky News.

Yaki suggested that Trump has problems with mental activity and suffers from a disorder. The lawyer did not provide evidence of this, citing rumors.

“He (Trump) can also be impeached. Of course, it will take longer,” Yaki added.

The twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution defines the procedure for removing the country’s president from power; the head of state, in case of its application, becomes the Vice president.

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