American Jones defeated Reyes in a fight for the UFC title

An ambiguous decision of the judges ended the fight between American athletes John Jones and Dominick Reyes. Jones won the tournament UFC 247, defending his title. This outcome of the battle was called paid.

The contestants fought in the light heavyweight category in Houston. The fight lasted five rounds, at the end of which the judges gave the victory to Jones. But Reyes landed fewer punches in only the last two rounds. Viewers will not like the outcome of the fight and they started buzzing during the announcement of the champion.

“I think I won the first three rounds. He hit me in the fourth and fifth, took takedowns, but I went straight up. I didn’t think they would be a big factor,” Reyes ‘ statement after the fight leads.

Later, angry comments started appearing online. Many started saying that the judges ‘ decision was paid for.

“Wow, UFC, you can’t be so corrupt! John Jones DIDN’t win this fight. Reyers won three rounds against two and you can’t argue with that! TIN! You stole a victory from the person who earned it. Terrible!”- former fighter Jamie Varner shared his emotions.

In any case, Jones now has 14 wins in title fights in the UFC. This is a record of the organization.

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