American fighter jets intercepted Russian Tu-142 off the coast of Alaska

Anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 for four hours observed the progress of submarine exercises conducted by the US Navy.

American F-22 fighters, supported by a KC-135 tanker plane and an E-3 long-range radar detection aircraft, intercepted two pairs of Russian Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft 45 miles off the coast of Alaska on Saturday. Russian planes entered the Alaskan air defense identification zone, the North American Aerospace defense command (NORAD) said.

Russian aircraft entered the air defense identification zone to the West and North of Alaska. The two planes that appeared in the Western part were in the zone for about four hours near the place where the US Navy was conducting an ICEX exercise involving submarines at that moment. American fighter jets accompanied the Russian planes during this time.
A pair of Tu-142 that appeared North of Alaska spent about 15 minutes in the zone and were also accompanied by F-22.

Russian warplanes remained in international airspace in the Beaufort Sea, 45 nautical miles off the coast of Alaska, without entering the sovereign airspace of the United States or Canada.

Author: Flyn Braun
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