American enthusiast discovered 7 new peacock spiders

Look at 7 new peacock spiders – they were discovered by a 22-year-old enthusiast! The story of the discovery of 22-year-old insect lover Joseph Schubert tells the publication New Atlas.

Arachnophil Joseph Schubert over the past year has discovered seven new spiders of the Maratus squad – insects known for their psychedelic color schemes and bizarre mating dances.

Peacock spiders, despite their coloring, are completely harmless. Their size rarely exceeds 5 mm and without a microscope they look like tiny brown dots, and their brightness is visible only in the lens.

New species come mainly from Western Australia: Maratus azureus, Maratus constellatus, Maratus laurenae, Maratus noggerup, and Maratus suae. Spiders Maratus Volpei live in South Australia, and Maratus inaquosus live in Southeast Australia.

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