American Eli Lilly stopped testing the drug on patients with COVID-19 in the hospital

It is an experimental tool bamlanivimab developed based on antibodies.

The American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly stopped giving hospitalized patients with a severe form of the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 experimental drug bamlanivimab, developed based on antibodies. This is stated in a message posted on the company’s website.

Eli Lilly clarifies that this is one of the components of the third phase of clinical trials conducted by the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States. “No more patients with COVID-19 in the hospital will be administered bamlanivimab, given the new trial data reviewed on October 26. This recommendation is based on information that bamlanivimab is unlikely to help hospitalized patients overcome the advanced stage of COVID-19,” the company informed.

According to her, clinical trials of this drug with the participation of those who have a relatively mild and moderate coronavirus infection are continuing. The company does not stop the third phase of testing from finding out the drug’s ability to prevent infection with coronavirus by doctors and physicians in institutions specializing in the long-term care of patients.