American company successfully tested a drug for COVID-19 based on two antibodies

The American biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals reported that an experimental serum based on two antibodies reduced the concentration of the new type of coronavirus in the blood and had a positive effect on the symptoms of non-hospitalized patients.

After months of incredibly hard work by our talented team, we are extremely pleased to see that the cocktail of REGN-COV2 antibodies rapidly reduced viral load and associated symptoms in COVID-19 patients. The greatest effect of treatment was observed in patients who did not develop their own effective immune response.

George Yankopoulos, CEOs of Regeneron

According to Yankopoulos, these findings suggest that the cocktail could provide a therapeutic replacement for a naturally occurring immune response. The descriptive analysis included the results of the first 275 patients enrolled in the experimental drug trial.

The treatment had the greatest effect on patients who did not develop their own effective immune response. According to Yankopoulos, this indicates that the drug can form a therapeutic analogue of naturally occurring immunity.

Reuters, in turn, notes that the company intends to discuss with regulators the first test results, including with the US Food and Drug Administration.

In early August, the company announced successful animal trials of an experimental drug designed to prevent infection with coronavirus and treat the disease it causes. As reported by Reuters, it was a serum prepared on the basis of two antibodies to coronavirus.

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