American celebrities at a rally in Los Angeles

One of the epicenters of the protest movement was Los Angeles. Both residents of downtown and elite areas of the most “star” city of the USA come to peaceful rallies. The story of the detention and subsequent killing of a 46-year-old African American from Minneapolis George Floyd caused anger against the police and the indifference of all Americans, regardless of race, gender, or nationality. In one, all the protesters are similar – they want an end to police arbitrariness.

Protests in the US began after the announcement of the death of George Floyd, who died after being detained by the police. He was suspected of paying a fake twenty-dollar bill. During the arrest, the policeman kept his knee on the man’s neck for almost 8 minutes, pressing him to the ground. Contrary to Floyd’s words that he had nothing to breathe, the minister of order did not loosen his grip, which led to tragic consequences. At the moment, the family of George Floyd has already ordered an examination, according to the results of which it became known that he died from a lack of oxygen. The policeman holding him was first suspended from work and now has already been prosecuted.

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