American astrologer called the time when COVID-19 will be under control

The meeting of Saturn and Uranus promises the inhabitants of the Earth a serious debate about the future. Still, changes will definitely be for the better, famous American astrologer, author of the website and application Astrology Zone Susan Miller told. She also gave a forecast of when the pandemic will begin to recede.

In a dispute, the truth will be born

“Next year, there will be an interesting and rare phenomenon that occurs every 38 years when Saturn is in opposition to Uranus. Saturn says – let’s save… Uranus says – let’s tear down everything and start anew! They will argue, and this is good because it will give dynamic energy. As a result of which the right answer will be found, there will be a confrontation, but everyone will have the opportunity to speak out,” the astrologer shared her vision of the situation.

She recalled that the rare occurrence of Saturn’s encounter with Jupiter on December 21 would determine the fate of Earthlings in the next few decades or even centuries. Miller notes that this “meeting of the planets,” although it happens every 20 years, this time was unusual since the space giants did not meet in the Earth sign (signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), as it has happened for the last 200 years, but in the Air sign of Aquarius.

“This means that in the next 200 years, what matters is not what you have, but what you know and what you invest,” the astrologer comments on the alignment of celestial bodies.

She emphasizes that this position of the planets promises development in the field of technology, medicine, ecology, and the growing importance of charity.

“I can tell you what caused the pandemic-this is the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto,” the expert reveals the essence of what happened on Earth in 2020. According to her, Jupiter and Pluto meet every 13 years. Usually, it brings great prosperity, but this year, according to her, the two heavenly bodies’ meeting turned into multibillion-dollar spending on supporting the economy by the state.

“It won’t happen again… what we will observe is a charity and humanitarian activities,” Miller comments on the ongoing separation of Jupiter and Pluto. “Aquarius likes to work in groups, so he will seek to organize people to help others,” she explains.

Time for change

According to the astrologer, when Saturn and Jupiter meet, changes are inevitable; this applies both to innovations in fashion, musical and literary styles, gastronomic preferences, and politics. So this time, in her opinion, “Mother Nature sent us a pandemic: she put us in our homes, and we actually dress differently, more comfortably… we eat differently, now we cook for ourselves, ” says Miller.

“I think that we will gain control of the situation in the next year, 2021. Although January and February will still be quite uncertain, by March, the situation will be completely under control,” the astrologer believes.

In her opinion, we are “nearing the end” of the pandemic and related problems.

The specialist has no doubts about who will lead the world out of the crisis. The new leaders will be today’s forty-year-olds, people born in the period from 1975 to 1985, she is sure. She recalls that they were born when Jupiter met Saturn in the Air Sign of Libra, just as it happened this year.

“Those children have the DNA of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, they understand the new era, and they will take us across the bridge to the new era as they understand it,” Miller said.

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