“America is in the last place”: Trump’s first post-presidency speech

The forty-fifth president of the United States, Donald Trump, held his first public speech after leaving office. He criticized the policies of his successor, Joe Biden, who declared the dependence of the United States on Russian oil and did not rule out participation in the next presidential election.

“We will continue the journey, it is far from over… We will win,” Free News quoted Trump as saying during a speech at the CPAC conservative conference in Orlando.

The former head of the White House promised supporters that he would “fight with them side by side” and also accused the Democrats and the “fake media” of initiating a “historic struggle” with the Republicans for the future of the United States.

Commenting on the first results of the work of his successor in the post of Joe Biden, Trump expressed the opinion that this time was a “disastrous month” in the entire history of the institution of the presidency.

In this regard, the Republican noted that the current American leader has shown “against jobs, borders, energy, women, and science.” Thus, the previous four-year-old slogan, “Make America great again,” gave way to the slogan “America in the last place,” the former US president believes.

According to Trump, under Biden, the United States has already lost its status as a global energy power. It is forced to “depend on Russia and the Middle East for oil supplies.”

Simultaneously, the Republican did not rule out that he would again run for the highest state post in 2024. “I may decide to beat them a third time,” he said.

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