Amendments to the military service act extended BTS’s career by two years

Amendments to the law on mandatory military service in South Korea will allow the BTS group to perform in the same line-up for another two years, the Guardian reports.

Before the amendment, all men in South Korea were required to serve in the military when they turned 28 if they had not done so before. Two members of the BTS team (Jin and Suge) will soon be 28.

Amendments to the law increased the age of young people to postpone military service (if they have the right to do so) to 30 years.

All seven BTS musicians received a reprieve from service back in 2018.

Thus, the band can continue their career for another two years.

Its recent hit “Life goes on” became the first number-one single in the US in Korean, and its new album “Be” reached the top of the US charts and the second in the UK. The band has just been nominated for a Grammy award for the first time.

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