Ambulance service in Los Angeles will limit the provision of oxygen to patients

The ambulance American County of Los Angeles recommended a limit to save extra oxygen to the sick and not bring to hospital patients who can’t survive, reports the Los Angeles Times, citing authorities.

The county’s Emergency Medical Services Agency issued an order Monday saying that ambulances should conserve oxygen and provide it only to patients whose oxygen saturation is less than 90%.

Earlier, the agency ordered not to bring most patients to hospitals, who have almost no chance of survival. In particular, we are talking about cardiac arrest patients, without signs of breathing, movement; they do not feel the pulse and blood pressure, despite attempts to resuscitate. In general, doctors should continue resuscitation efforts on the spot until the patient’s pulse is restored, and in this case, take him to the hospital.

Throughout the district, because of the coronavirus situation, hospitals are releasing patients faster who normally would have remained under observation. As the publication notes, the situation in the hospitals of the district is critical. According to forecasts, in the coming weeks, patients’ situation will become even worse, as hospitalization will be required for those who fell ill with coronavirus during the Christmas holidays.

“Many hospitals have reached the point of crisis and are forced to make callous decisions in the issue of medical care for patients,” the newspaper quotes the head of the Los Angeles County Health Service, Christina Gali.

She stressed that the situation with hospitals’ workload at the beginning of January reflects the incidence of “after the Thanksgiving holiday,” which is celebrated in the United States at the end of November.

The State of California has formed a team to provide oxygen. The Army Corps of Engineers was involved, which sent specialists to update some hospitals’ oxygen delivery systems. A plan has also been developed to create temporary facilities for receiving emergency patients.

According to the latest data, about 7.7 thousand patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in Los Angeles County, more than 827 thousand people were infected with the coronavirus, and 10,850 patients died.

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