Amber Heard responded to Johnny Depp’s $ 7 million embezzlement charge

Amber Heard continues to defend her position actively. Johnny Depp’s lawyers have brought another charge against her to appeal the actor’s case against The Sun, which he recently lost.

Celebrity lawyers argue that the Aquaman star kept $ 7 million for herself after her divorce from Depp in 2016, rather than donating it to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and the American Civil Freedom Union.

According to the documents, it was found out that Hurd transferred only $ 100,000 to the medical institution instead of the promised 3.5 million. The actress’s lawyer also confirmed this information, citing that the celebrity will ultimately fulfil his promise.

According to lawyer Hurd, the star did not have time to transfer funds to charity, since Depp sued her, and she needed this money to protect herself from false accusations from her ex-spouse.

Amber’s lawyer is confident that Depp and his legal team want to divert attention from themselves and restore their reputation. However, lawyers for the Pirates of the Caribbean star called Heard’s small payment to Children’s Hospital a “hoax.”

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