Amazon robots start mapping US sidewalksAmazon robots start mapping US sidewalks

GeekWire reporters spotted an Amazon robot mapping sidewalks in Washington state. The authors believe that Google may have a competitor in this market.

GeekWire author Tim Ellis noted that the device was made specifically for creating maps – it does not look like the delivery robot that US residents are used to seeing on the streets. The robot looked more like a miniature version of Google Street View cars and didn’t work autonomously. It was operated by an operator with a controller – a wireless device.

When asked what the operators are doing, they noted that “logistics and mapping”, but did not specify for which company they do it. However, on one of the vans, the journalist noticed the serial number of – it was they who owned the device that the researcher noticed.

At the same time, an Internet search for this device did not lead to anything – Ellis notes that the company did not publicly present the robot.

The publication turned to Amazon for an official comment, but the company noted that it could not provide an immediate response. The authors note that they will add a comment as soon as they receive a reply.

The journalists also notes that the largest company in the space mapping market is Google. Researchers have created a GIS system – this is the basis for storing, displaying and analyzing terrain data. It allows you to combine spatial data with non-spatial information such as demographics and then perform analysis. Perhaps, in the near future, Google will have a competitor that will map and analyze data that no one has paid attention to before.

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