Amazon built robot that is designed to kill the novel coronavirus with ultraviolet light

Amazon built a robot that is designed to kill the novel coronavirus with ultraviolet light. The devices will be used in company stores in order to sanitize goods and premises.

The robot is assembled from a high metal frame attached to a rectangular movable bottom. One side of the frame is equipped with at least ten ultraviolet lamps. It will be used in warehouses and in Whole Foods stores to kill the virus in food, packaging, and door handles.

Scientists have studied the effects of ultraviolet UV-C on viruses for many years. Studies show that light can affect the genetic material inside viruses and exclude the possibility of their reproduction. In other words, this type of ultraviolet light can kill viruses and germs.

Researchers at Columbia University have already tested the effectiveness of far-ultraviolet light against the new coronavirus. According to the University’s Center for Radiological Research, this type of radiation can kill viruses without harming humans.

If preliminary tests are successful and the device is recognized to be effective, then scientists will implement it to disinfect surfaces and air. According to Amazon estimates, installing lighting products in a medium-sized store can cost about $ 100 thousand. A compact robot will be just as effective, but it will cost several times cheaper.

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