Amazon introduced distance augmented reality device

Amazon introduced an augmented reality device for maintaining distance. Its interface is similar to a game – the AI ​​draws red and green circles next to the employees the camera is shooting.

The company explained that despite the importance of social distance, it is difficult to determine by eye. This is especially important in enclosed spaces where there are a large number of people. Amazon decided to ease this task for its warehouse workers using augmented reality technology, which displays red and green circles.

Brad Porter, Amazon’s vice president and robotics engineer for the company, introduced a new system called Remote Assistance. This technology aims to help Amazon employees keep their distance from each other. A combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality will help employees in this.

“Remote Assistance” consists of a monitor, a camera, and a computer, combined into a stand-alone device, which can be deployed in any of Amazon’s storage facilities with a power outlet. He creates a “tool that helps others see their distance from others” by drawing a circle around their feet. A green circle means that they are at a safe distance from others. But if they see a red light, then they must move a safe distance – so that the circle turns green again.

So far, Amazon has deployed the system in only a few buildings. However, the company has already noted that positive feedback from employees will help them establish “distance assistance” in all warehouses until the end of the pandemic. Amazon intends to transfer software and AI to other companies so that they can also ensure the safety of their employees.

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