Amazon gets permission for drone delivery in the USA

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has authorized Amazon to use drones to deliver goods across the country. The company’s engineers are confident that this technology is safe – they will start testing it “in the near future”.

Amazon has received approval from the US federal government to operate its fleet of Prime Air delivery drones. The company can now use several thousand drones to deliver goods. The companies were allowed to carry “all kinds of property” on drones even outside the “line of sight” of the operator.

Amazon said they will start testing shipments shortly. The staff noted that the devices have passed rigorous tests and they have provided authorities with detailed evidence that their drone delivery operations are safe. The final round of certification included a demonstration of the technology to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors.

“This certification is very important to us, which means that the US authorities have faith in the Amazon Prime Air project. One day we will be able to deliver parcels to our customers all over the world, but we are taking the first step for this now. We will continue to develop and improve our technology to fully integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into the airspace, and work closely with the FAA and other regulatory bodies around the world”.


Amazon added that the Prime Air fleet is not yet ready for immediate deployment of thousands of drones. To do this, they need test flights in various conditions.

Amazon previously unveiled a new perimeter frame drone hexacopter that will be used in the Prime Air delivery service. The drone is capable of vertically taking off and landing, as well as carrying cargo weighing up to 2.7 kg over a distance of 24 km.

Author: John Kessler
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