Amazon CEO buys house for a record $165 million in Beverly Hills

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, bought a mansion worthy of him. The house and a large area in the prestigious Los Angeles area of Beverly Hills cost the head of Amazon 165 million dollars.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, Bezos purchased the house from media Mogul David Geffen. The deal was a record even for Los Angeles. The publication claims that real estate agents did not participate in it.

The mansion is called Warner Estate. It is located in an area of 3.64 hectares. Warner Bros President Jack Warner designed the house in the 1930s. On the plot, there is a Golf course, tennis court, gardens, and several guesthouses.

According to the newspaper, the mansion has belonged to Geffen since the 1990s. Then he bought the estate for $ 47.5 million. For those times, it was a fabulous amount for buying real estate in Los Angeles.

Most likely, Bezos will live in the new house with his beloved TV presenter Lauren Sanchez. Their affair became known about a year ago. This news was scandalous. Bezos was married at the time. In addition, personal correspondence between Sanchez and Bezos appeared in the media. The head of Amazon accused the brother of the beloved Michael Sanchez of leaking information.

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