Amal Clooney thanks her husband George Clooney for his patience

Amal Clooney, 42, presented her new book, The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law. The presentation took place online during a virtual conference of the International Bar Association. Talking about the work on the text, Amal did not forget to thank her husband, 59-year-old George Clooney.

Amal joked about the volume of the book and how the painstaking work affected her marriage.

I know that this process seemed endless to him. Moreover, I was always so sure that I had already made the final edits, and then rewrote everything over and over again. Work on the book took place in all the places where George was filmed, and throughout the entire filming period, ”said Amal.

He was not only patient but also incredibly inspiring to me. I really don’t need any more proof that he is wonderful, but this was one of them – said the human rights activist.

I think he’s watching the broadcast downstairs in the kitchen right now, so I just want to thank him. For my part, I can promise for the sake of our marriage that I will never do this again, ” the actor’s wife added with a smile.

Recall that George and Amal have been married for six years, they have three-year-old twins Alexander and Ella.

Amal’s colleagues also praised her work, describing the text as “a comprehensive overview of international law enforcement practice on one of the most contested rights in the world: the right to a fair trial.”

The right to a fair trial is fundamental to democracy. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the world is becoming more authoritarian, and authoritarian leaders are increasingly using the courts to strengthen their power. The judiciary should be our best defence against abuse of power, but corrupt judges can also be a tool to suppress opponents and oppress minorities, Amal said.

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