Alonso: I chose Renault for two reasons

Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso admitted that before signing a contract with Renault, he was negotiating with other teams.

“I have negotiated with several teams, but the contract with Renault has always been the preferred choice. For two reasons. Firstly, from the point of view of expectations and the team capable of climbing from the middle of the peloton to the top. It was very, very attractive. And secondly, because I know everyone on this team. I know their passion for racing. I will play for Renault for the third time and feel at home here ”, – quotes Alonso Sky Sports.

Fernando also shared his expectations for his return to Racing Royal.

“I think that I will immediately be able to pick up my pace. Although I understand that in the first races I may face difficulties. Not only in terms of sheer speed – but all procedures, steering wheel buttons, and so on. It will take me a while.

I don’t think I’ll be aiming at a certain result before I retire. It seems to me that in motorsport everything depends not on your age, but on the lap time. And I hope that my results will be competitive in the coming years, ” added the two-time champion.

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