All rivers, lakes and streams in the UK are polluted, experts found

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all rivers, lakes, and streams in the UK are polluted, writes the BBC.

The most problematic pollutants are chemical wastewater, agriculture, and industrial chemicals.

According to data from the last measurement in 2016, 16% of the waters were considered favorable. The new numbers show a complete lack of progress in achieving 100% clean water in the country.

Environment agency chief Emma Howard Boyd said UK water quality has stabilized since 2016. This is not good enough, she said.

New data showed that only 14% of rivers are considered habitable for wildlife and plants. Environment Minister Rebecca Pou said urgent action is needed to reduce wastewater discharges, as well as to combat pollution from agriculture and chemicals.

We still have plans to improve water quality in at least 75% of our waters in order to get closer to their natural state as soon as possible.

Rebecca Pou, Minister of the Environment

Dr. Janina Gray of Salmon and Trout Conservation said the river quality was one of the worst in the UK. She blamed the “depressing” picture on the lack of political will of elected heads, lack of investment, and a sharp decline in monitoring by the Environment Agency.