“All is well”: Trump commented on Iran’s missile strikes on US bases

The President of the United States Donald Trump after a rocket attack by Iran on US military bases said that everything is fine. He will make an official statement on the morning of January 8.

“All is well! Missiles were fired from Iran at two bases located in Iraq. The assessment of victims and injuries continues. Everything is going fine!”, Trump wrote on his Twitter page.

He added that the American army is the most powerful and equipped in the world. The American President promised to make an official statement on the missile strike on Wednesday, January 8.

Trump called an emergency meeting at the White House, which was attended by Pentagon chief Mark Esper, as well as United States Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Javad Zarif said that it is “proportionate measures in self-defense.” The situation in the Middle East has worsened since the assassination of General Qasem Suleimani in Iraq.

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