Alex Rodriguez gets revenge on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The baseball player was spotted with Affleck’s ex-girlfriend at a private party.

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez killed two birds with one stone – the baseball player began dating Ben Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shukus, thus taking revenge on both Lopez and Affleck.

Alex and Lindsay were spotted together at a private party, they had fun together and hardly left each other. Although insiders deny the romance between Rodriguez and Shukus. According to an insider, Alex does not intend to give up, he wants to return Jennifer Lopez’s affection.

“There is absolutely nothing there. They have been friends for 15 years,” a spokesman for Rodriguez told Page Six.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus began dating in 2017, almost immediately after Ben’s divorce from actress Jennifer Garner. In 2018, the couple broke up due to Affleck’s infidelity with the Playboy model. A year later, Ben and Lindsay tried to renew the relationship again, but the second time they did not succeed.

Now Ben Affleck is dating pop star Jennifer Lopez, who almost got married back in 2003. Affleck is rumored to have ended the relationship due to Lopez’s booming career. The actor realized that he would constantly be in the shadow of his beloved.

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27 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez gets revenge on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck”

  1. Someone who had been with her ex as long as she was with Alex, be hugged up like she was madly in love on Inauguration Day. And then turn around break-up with him get back together for a brief period taking photos with their children projecting they are working out there differences& then months later break up again, and then be soon spotted going out with her ex fiancé again, he basically left her at the alter, after having her wedding dress made by Vera Wang, and she would start dating him again!! It is nothing short of desperate for a relationship with ANYONE- SOMEONE!! At her age now she should be way more grounded in her decision making! In conclusion she is afraid of being finished in her career& the limelight… attention needer all the way!! And as far as Ben goes, he is looking to for a way to stay in the light& may possibly be running low on his finances. No fan of Alex’s, but what’s in for u dude, u had the so call prize& u weren’t satisfied… show some class& move on and stop acting like some desperate contender!! All of you should be more focused on ur children and their well being rather then ur own& at the end of the day, who really cares…. J& B& A… are all overrated!!

  2. she goes from one man to the other! good example for her kids! im done reading about the trash lost interest with anything to do with jen lopez! NO CLASS!

  3. Alex needs to move on. He had the opportunity to be happy with Jennifer but no, he had to be acting like a creeper with another female. Was Jennifer not enough? So when Jennifer finds out, she’s humiliated! Once a cheater always a cheater! So now that she’s moved on and not looking back he’s doing everything to get her attention! Jennifer always gives her all to her relationship. She’s always been committed to making it work. She’s never been the one to stray or cheat. So if it’s not working and she’s unhappy, she ends things and moves on. It’s obvious that Ben was always the,”One,” she really wanted but he got cold feet and sabotaged their relationship. If he had been more mature and man about it he would have married her and they would have had kids of their own.
    So now it’s more complicated with his three kids and her twins involved.
    So they need to grow a pair and own their feelings for each other and everybody be damned.

  4. I don’t care what anyone say’s about the whole THANG! I know I loved Jen and Ben as a couple 12 years ago, and felt some kind of way when they broke up, they seemed to be really in love. I think they belong together, I’m happy for them. I hope they get married and do Life. It only works if you love someone and they love you back!
    This is only the way I feel. Negative comments won’t bother me at all. I will not respond. Cause I don’t care. ‍♀️

  5. Jen is a hoe, the only reason he married Jennifer Garner was because her name was Jennifer. Jen L & Ben belong to each other there both whores move on Alex you deserve it


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