Alec Baldwin’s wife breaks her ankle two months after her fifth birth

Hilaria Baldwin, 36, complained to fans that she broke her ankle. The trouble happened during a run when she tried to dodge a moving car. Alec Baldwin’s wife did not blame her clumsiness or the driver who drove too fast. She is sure that 2020 is to blame.

“I broke my ankle yesterday because, you know … It’s 2020 … It was so stupid and I’m upset. But! Determined to be positive and heal as soon as possible. Among other things, the difficulty is that now I cannot carry children in my arms, ” complained Baldwin’s wife in her Instagram account.

The driver did not stop, but a passerby named John approached her. He helped Hilaria to rise from the ground and with her waited for Alik to take care of his wife. The star’s wife thanked John for his help and asked the drivers to drive slowly past the runners and cyclists.

Hilaria posted a photo of how she lies on a bed with a cast almost to the knee. She put her injured leg on two pillows. At the same time, the girl is holding her two-month-old son in her arms, and there are crutches next to the bed. The wife of the Hollywood star looks very sad, and her skin looks pale against the grey sweatshirt.

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