Akademik Chersky headed towards the unfinished section of “Nord stream-2”

The pipe-laying ship Akademik Chersky after several weeks of parking near Kaliningrad on Sunday evening headed to the Northwest, according to data from the portals for tracking ships Marine Traffic and Vesselfinder.

On Sunday evening, the Chersky started moving North-West – in the same direction is the Danish island of Bornholm, near which the unfinished section of the “Nord stream–2” is located. However, the destination of the pipelayer is not specified. According to Vesselfinder, the vessel’s current status is “work in progress,” Free News reports.

Recall that the Akademik Chersky arrived in Kaliningrad on October 7 after several months of parking at the port of Mukran-the logistics base of “Nord stream-2.” The pipelayer anchored near the Russian port opposite the Curonian spit, where the supply ship Finval was working near it. It was reported that the Akademik Chersky and several special vessels began training on the Baltic Sea shelf for future underwater operations on the “Nord stream-2.”

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