“Akademik Chersky” diverts attention from the real Affairs of the “Nord stream-2”

Alexander Perov, who holds the position of head of the national energy security Fund, in an interview with the “Economy today” news Agency, expressed his opinion about the intricate route of the pipe-laying machine “Akademik Chersky.”

Such maneuvers can be carried out to divert the eyes of opponents of the gas project from the real work and situation in the Baltic Sea in the territorial waters of Denmark, where less than 6% of the total length of the “Nord stream – 2” remains to be completed.

Currently, the expert notes, there are two Russian vessels, “Fortuna” and “Defender” in the Baltic Sea, which can also perform work on laying pipes. However, specialists do not take these vessels into account, since they do not have specific positioning equipment, which is mandatory for the Danish government. However, it is possible to use the “Kamara” and “Mustang” tugs to position the “Fortune” and “Defender.”

According to Perov, it is quite possible to use tandems of vessels that will meet the requirements of the Kingdom to lay pipes on the remaining section.

As an additional factor indicating the viability of the proposed position, the expert pointed out that the remaining unfinished part of the “Nord stream – 2” gas pipeline is located in shallow water, which is a limiting factor for Akademik Chersky.

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