Airport staff killed the Russian by mistake in New York

Airport employees in the United States were under investigation after the family of a Russian citizen they mistakenly killed decided to appeal the prosecutor’s report, The New York Post reports.

On April 12, 2019, Russian Evgeny Lagoda flew from Moscow to New York for work purposes. Onboard the plane, the man began a seizure – according to the materials of the court, he “was bleeding from his mouth”, “he was noticeably disoriented, sweated profusely, and his eyes were empty.”

After Lagoda came to his senses, he began to show aggression. After the liner landed at the destination airport, the first policeman who arrived on board tried to calm the Russian, but Lagoda did not understand English. Then the officer sprayed the contents of a pepper spray into him and then hit him in the face, knocking the Russian down.

“The officer struggled to put handcuffs on Lagoda, and during the struggle, he was astride a man who was lying on his back. The policeman sat down on the Russian citizen’s chest and torso, ” the court documents say.

Several other police officers held Lagoda by hitting him. Finally, when the man was turned onto his back, airport officials noticed that his neck turned blue. Also, he had no pulse. After that, the police removed the handcuffs from Lagoda and tried to give him artificial respiration.

Due to the airport administration’s incompetent actions, the ambulance team arrived at the scene only 20 minutes later. In a local hospital, the death of a Russian was pronounced. According to the medical examiner’s report, Lagoda died of cardiac arrest due to various factors, including seizures.

Despite the official autopsy report, which cites murder as the cause of the Russian’s death, the New York State Attorney General’s office did not find the airport law enforcement criminally guilty.

On April 9, 2021, the father of the deceased, Grigory Tikhoplav, filed a lawsuit with the Manhattan Supreme Court against the airport administration. Airport officials declined to comment on the pending trial.

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