Airlines will not allow to go on board the plane without COVID vaccination

The head of the Australian airline Qantas Airlines, Alan Joyce, believes that in the future, a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus will become mandatory for those who want to travel between countries. Qantas itself will adopt this policy, he stressed, adding that it probably will not be the only one.

“We are considering changes to our rules for servicing air travellers, so that, for example, passengers on international flights will be asked to be vaccinated before they board the plane,” Joyce said in an interview with Australia’s Channel 9.

I think this will be a widespread requirement, judging by my conversations with colleagues from different countries, he added.

This is the first such statement from the head of a major airline. Earlier, air carriers did not talk about the ban on flights to unvaccinated passengers.

IATA Air Transport Association Medical Adviser David Powell noted on Monday that in the future, it is likely not only airlines but also governments, to require information on vaccination availability.

“The availability of reliable information about the health status of the passenger – I think it will be essential,” – quoted by the Financial Times. In recent weeks, several medical companies have announced the development of effective vaccines. Pfizer Medical intends to deliver 50 million doses before the new year.

Given that the drug is being tested in six countries (Argentina, Brazil, Germany, the United States, Turkey and South Africa), approximately 4 million people can be vaccinated in each of them.

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