Air India Express plane rolls out of the runway and fells apart

In India, an Air India Express plane, landing in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala state, rolled off the runway, the pilot was killed and many passengers were injured, ex-Minister of Culture and Tourism of the country Alphonse Cannantanam wrote on Twitter.

He specified that the front part of the ship “split”, all passengers were evacuated.

“It was very lucky that the plane did not catch on fire,” added Kannantanam.

NDTV reported that after a hard landing, more than 30 people were taken to hospitals. According to preliminary data, the Boeing 737 was flying from Dubai. According to media reports, between 170 and 194 people could be on board. Firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene.

The cockpit and the front of the aircraft are completely destroyed, and debris is scattered on the runway and beyond.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan instructed police, firefighters and officials “to take urgent measures in connection with the plane crash <…> for rescue and medical support.”

Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah called on the National Disaster Response Force to “get to the site as soon as possible to help” the victims.

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