AI was taught to study living cells

Researchers in the United States have introduced a new technique for studying cells using an AI-based model. It does not kill them and allows you to monitor the cells for several weeks.

Researchers at the University of Illinois (USA) have developed a new technique that combines visualization with artificial intelligence (AI) to study unlabeled living cells over a long period of time. This technique can be used to study cell viability and pathology.

“Our lab specializes in images without additional labels, which allows us to visualize cells without the use of toxic chemicals,” said Gabriel Popescu, professor of electrical and computer engineering, director of the Laboratory for Quantitative Visualization of Light at the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology. – However, we cannot measure the specific properties of a cell without toxic fluorescent dyes. We solved this problem in our study.”

Therefore, the scientists used computational methods that can monitor the sample’s shape and condition without killing the cells.

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