AI turns humans into animals, and animals into humans

The new AI turns humans into animals, and animals into humans. The model is based on the same method that produces deepfake video.

Teacher and researcher Xander Steenbrugge introduced AI, which can turn people into animals and vice versa. Like many algorithms for image editing, it was created using a generative-competitive network (GAN), which “learns” from a large amount of data. This is the same method with which most deepfakes are created.

To create the “human animals” Steenbrugge used a set of 15 thousand animals in HD, which was analyzed by the generative model StarGAN v2. He used this data set in combination with other training images and used StyleGAN v2 to edit them.

“Most scientific papers use one tough method and force AI to make a certain type of change,” Steenbrüggge explained in an interview with VICE Motherboard. “But since machine learning methods are very flexible, it often turns out that you can achieve several more changes at the same time simply by running the model on a different data set.” At this moment, the fun begins. ”

This experiment is part of the larger Steenbrugge Neural Synesthesia project, where it creates immersive audio-visual projects using machine learning algorithms and models. “I believe that we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in digital media, where creativity becomes an interactive process between man and machine. I’m not completely creating these works, I create them together with AI models that I bring to life, ”he said.

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