AI taught to edit images instantly

AI taught to edit images instantly. This tool was placed inside the program, where the photo settings can be changed using simple sliders.

Scientists decided to get rid of the problem that many AI-based algorithms face – they are difficult to predict and control. Therefore, they developed software that allows you to transform the shape of objects in images, as well as adjust lighting and perspective with a few simple controls.

For example, to change the photo of a car, the user can use a combination of several control sliders in the program to adjust various components. There you can control the shape, style, background, lighting conditions and color. In a few seconds, by dragging the slider, you can, for example, instantly turn a convertible into a hatchback.

In order to create the tool, the researchers divided the space of photos into several variables. For example, when working with face photography, AI can separately work with its parameters – head position, hair color, emotions, wrinkles. Each parameter can be configured separately.

The source code of the algorithm and instructions for starting the program is available to all developers. Researchers note that everyone can edit the necessary photos in just a few seconds and without special programs.

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