AI performs at Lollapalooza music festival

AI performed at a US music festival. It presented a ten-minute clip, which was filmed specifically for this concert.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) performed at the Lollapalooza Music Festival, which takes place online this year. Avatar Miquela presented the song “Hard Feelings” and a 10-minute video for the song.

Miquela is a digital avatar who was originally a social media influencer. However, in 2019, the robot has released several singles and music videos. Performing at Lollapalooza was the first in her history.

The creators of Miquela are a Brud startup from California. This is one of the most popular avatars on the Instagram social network. According to a report from the marketing platform CreatorIQ, Miquela has over 1.8 million active subscribers. The analytics of the account showed that Miquela had a 2.54% Impact Ratio, which is in line with the average human blogger.

According to Nicole de Hayor, CEO of Brud, they were offered an avatar performance immediately following news of the Lollapalooza festival being moved online. The company shot a video for “Hard Feelings”, especially for this concert. This video was made remotely: the director was from Toronto, the choreographer was from New York, and the programmers and AI specialists were from Los Angeles.

Brud explained that in this video they did not want to embed Miquela into the world around them, but made her own universe. The video was made using the Unreal Engine tool, and virtual cameras were used to create the frames.

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