AI learned to imitate the voices of hundreds of celebrities

The new machine-learning algorithm simulates over a hundred celebrity voices. Some of them are already demanding that this AI program be banned.

Researchers have presented an AI-powered program called Vocodes. This tool can simulate the voices over of hundreds of celebrities, including politicians, scientists, and artists – Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Brian Cranston, Danny DeVito, Elon Musk, and many others. In order to simulate a voice, the user needs to enter text and select a voice.

TheNextWeb notes that there are already several such applications, but Vocodes impresses with the huge number of voices available for playback. However, it does have its drawbacks – every time the application encounters a word that it cannot read, it simply skips it. Among these words are “Tesla” and “Elon Musk”.

However, the quality of the voices differs depending on the characters. Voices rated “High Quality” simulate speech in a more natural and balanced way. However, the lower quality voices resemble the Windows 2000 Text To Speech application.

Like other similar apps, Vocodes raises serious ethical questions about the future of AI. The application imitates the voice of the famous psychologist Jordan Peterson almost perfectly. After that, he wrote a tweet in which he expressed concern about the application and demanded to “stop using fakes of his voice”.

“We already know how to use machine learning, and people are protected from data misuse by law. It seems clear to us that neural networks will play a huge role in the creation of virtual musicians and virtual celebrities. But we do not want these techniques to be used for fraud, defamation, and so on, “- noted the creators of the application.

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