AI draws portraits in the form of a non-self-intersecting loop, or Jordan curve

Researchers at the TCS Robotics Lab in India have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can automatically transform a person’s face into a drawing.

The Jordan curve is a line that starts and ends at the same point in space: it creates an image but never intersects with itself.

Robotics specialists began to explore the possibility of automatically generating such drawings. In collaboration with colleagues at the TCS Robotics Research Lab, the researchers created Chitrakar, a system that can transform an image into a drawing that consists of one long line.

Our system uses the most advanced deep learning techniques to segment a human face from a photograph and combine this with image enhancement techniques.

Aniruddha Singhal, Robotics Specialist
The system can autonomously convert any image of a human face to a Jordan curve. Subsequently, this Jordan curve is transferred to a paper piece: this is how a portrait is obtained.

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