AI confused the ball with the referee’s head during a soccer match

An AI camera confused the ball with the referee’s head during a soccer match. Most of the time, the fans watched the broadcast of the referee running across the field.

Fans of the Scottish football team Inverness Caledonian during the broadcast of the match noticed that the camera was not following the ball, but the head of the football referee. A few weeks ago, the club announced the move to AI-controlled cameras. The club said the new system will be used to record all home games in HD quality.

For most of the match, the AI-based camera confused the referee’s bald head with the ball, repeatedly filming not the players with the ball, but the referee who was 35-40 meters from the scene. Some of the spectators complained that they had missed a goal from their favorite team, because the camera “continues to think that a person’s head is very similar to a ball,” others suggested that the referee wear a hat or panama.

Due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, fans were not allowed into the stadium and this broadcast was the only opportunity to watch the game of their favorite team.

The AI ​​camera monitored the referee’s head movements most of the time, except when the referee and the ball were nearby. The Inverness Caledonian engineering team has promised to correct the mistake and bring operators back to the matches temporarily.

Earlier, one of the first autonomous racing cars crashed into a fence during a test. The accident happened a few seconds after the start of the race. Engineers do not yet know what exactly caused the failure, but researchers have already ruled out that the car was prevented by poor conditions on the track. The car was not supposed to fit into a sharp turn and did not interact with other devices.

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