AI-based system will reduce motorcycle crashes

An Israeli startup has unveiled technology that will protect motorcyclists from accidents and collisions. AI will warn of potential obstacles and dangerous overtakes.

Israeli company RideVision has unveiled a new collision avoidance technology – it will introduce several features into motorcycles that are already in cars. The rider will be able to receive interference alerts via LED mirrors and two wide-angle cameras mounted in the front and rear. So the driver can know that the car is in the blind spot, the tools will also notify him of a safe distance and potentially dangerous overtaking.

The artificial intelligence (AI) -based function will calculate and warn the driver of potential collisions. The technology takes into account road conditions, speed and the force of a possible impact. However, the company noted that “drivers need to remain vigilant because no technology in the world can keep other motorcyclists or drivers from doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

RideVision technology is already on sale with an initial price tag of $ 360. To fully utilize the data collected while driving, you need to pay an additional $ 20 per month. In the near future, the company plans to add additional functionality to its app. They will concern the safety of the motorcycle itself.

According to RideVision specialists, this is a “breakthrough” – the complexity of the project lies in the size of the motorcycles, since for this type of vehicle the camera system must be compact, and ideally light. Due to the small width of the bike, it is also problematic to install cameras, which should be sufficient to cover all areas. It is impossible to simply transfer the automotive lidar system to a motorcycle – it must take into account the specifics of this type of vehicle.

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