After the release of the iPhone 12, Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone 11 and remove the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro from sale

This fall, Apple will present four iPhone 12 models. Traditionally, along with the release of new smartphones, the company will remove some old ones from the sale.

According to an insider iAppleTimes, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro will be removed from the sale. But the price for last year’s iPhone 11 will drop to $540.

By the way, last year after the announcement of the iPhone 11 family, the iPhone XR dropped to $ 549.

The insider also named the estimated prices for the iPhone 12 in the US:

  • iPhone 12 (128GB) – $699
  • iPhone 12 Max (128GB) – $799
  • iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) – $999
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