African cannot regain access to $ 1,000,000 cryptocurrency wallet

From time to time, stories of users appear on the Internet who, several years ago, bought a lot of Bitcoin for little money, but now cannot restore access to the wallet. A resident of the Republic of South Africa was in the same situation.

The name of the hero is silent, but it is known that he lives in South Africa. More than ten years ago, unlike many comrades in misfortune, the guy did not buy Bitcoin, but mined it on his own PC. At that time, the cost of one coin was less than a cent, and therefore the cryptocurrency did not cause much interest.

Ultimately, the South African miner successfully lost the physical medium with the key to the wallet, having lost access to the latter, because all data has been deleted from the PC. When the value of Bitcoin rose to $ 1,000, the ex-miner remembered his “deposit” and decided to try to recover the password.

During this time, the hard disk on the PC was formatted several times, and therefore the data could not be restored, and the medium with the key was lost, as noted earlier. The search lasted a week, but was unsuccessful.

An African cryptocurrency miner was able to mine 20 coins. According to the current corpus, this is approximately $ 985,200. Although on August 23, the Bitcoin price was over $ 50,000, i.e. the value of 20 coins exceeded $ 1,000,000.

Naturally, we can say that the miner, along with access to the wallet, lost the opportunity to become a millionaire. But in fairness, if he had a password, he would have sold 20 coins for $ 1,000 apiece and received $20,000.

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