Advisor to Trump on trade Kelly Anne Shaw out of the White House

After ten years in government, she moves into the private sector.

President Donald trump’s adviser on trade and the G-7, Kelly Ann Shaw, is moving from the administration to the private sector. The departure of one of the most senior women in the President’s economic team was announced Tuesday at the White House.

Earlier this year, Shaw replaced Clete Williams as Deputy assistant to the President for international economic Affairs and Deputy Director of the National economic Council.

She served as a Sherpa for the United States in the G-7 and G-20 and was part of the President’s team of advisers in trade negotiations with China.
Shaw will leave her post on Friday. A spokesman for the administration said it was moving to the private sector, but did not specify which company. Shaw declined to comment on her next steps.

“It seemed to me that now was the time to leave,” Shaw told, noting that she had worked in the Federal government for ten years, although she had originally intended to work for only three years.

She is leaving amid cuts to the national Security Council, where she also worked. The President’s new national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, plans to cut the Council by about a third and limit its role in foreign policy.

“Kelly Ann has had an outstanding career in trade policy and has been instrumental in implementing the administration’s trade and economic agenda,” said Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council. “We will miss her.”

A spokesman did not say who would replace Shaw.

Author: Flyn Braun
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