Adobe ends support for Flash Player

On December 31st, Adobe will officially end support for the Flash Player.

On December 8, the last update for the multimedia platform was released. Also, end of support notifications started to appear on computers running Windows 10:

“Today we are releasing the latest update, and we want to thank those who have been developing their products with Adobe Flash for two decades. We are proud that Flash has helped the web by adding interactive animations, audio, video, and browser games to websites. Adobe is proud to help shape the next digital era.”

Users are strongly advised to uninstall the application. But there is also the option to postpone it for later.

However, in browsers and other platforms, Flash support has ended or is being worked on. And on January 12, Adobe will block all content created on the basis of this technology. But this is unlikely to be a serious blow: according to statistics, now Flash Player is used by only 2.3% of sites.

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