Adele responds to a rumor about an affair with rapper Skepta

Since last year, there have been rumors of a “special” relationship between Adele and rapper Skepta. Celebrities are credited with the novel, but this still does not find confirmation. And recently Adele called herself a lonely cat lady.

The other day, the star participated in the Saturday Night Live show, and after filming she published a post with thanks to everyone who worked with her and helped. At the end of the post, Adele wished everyone a happy Halloween and added:

And I will return to my cave and continue to be the cat-lady (lonely) that I am! Until next year!

So far, everything suggests that Adele and Skepta are just friends. Recently, according to insiders, the singer gave him gold jewelry worth 16 thousand pounds for his birthday.

She was in England and gave him a beautiful gold chain for his birthday. He later showed the chain to friends and seemed to be very excited. Although they are not officially in a relationship, they are very close, – the insiders shared.

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