Adele gave up on $ 50 million deals to avoid becoming a Kardashian clone

Since Adele has got rid of 45 kilograms of excess weight, the singer has no end of advertising offers. Many want to take advantage of Adele’s transformation for commercial purposes, but the star is in no hurry to sign contracts. Recently, a source from Adele’s circle revealed that she had turned down several deals worth $ 50 million.

“Adele vehemently turned down several multimillion-dollar deals, which included diet plans, food campaigns, vegan healthy lifestyle packages, cookbooks, exercise videos. Companies bombard her with offers, but she does not want to become a Kardashian clone, making a lot of money on the side, “– said the insider.

According to rumors, Adele is currently working on a new album, which she plans to release next year.

Recently, the singer clarified the situation with her personal life, calling herself a “lonely cat lady”. After participating in Saturday Night Live, Adele posted a post in which she thanked her colleagues and added: “I’ll go back to my cave and continue to be the cat-lady (lonely) that I am! Until next year! “

Before that, Adele was credited with an affair with rapper Skepta, but, according to insiders, celebrities are just friends.

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