Actress Charlene Yee accused James Franco of harassment

42-year-old James Franco, apparently, got into a new sex scandal. This time, he was accused of sexually harassing women and children by the star of the TV series “House”, 35-year-old actress Charlene Yee.

In her Instagram post yesterday, Charlene Yee admitted that she tried to leave the project when she found out about Franco’s indecent behaviour because she did not feel completely safe on the set.

When I tried to break the contract and leave the painting “Woe Creator” because James Franco is a sex maniac, they tried to bribe me with a big role. I cried and told them that this was not what I wanted. I didn’t feel safe working with a sexy, fucking maniac! And they all smoothed out the corners: they said that Franco behaved like this last year, and now he has changed. At the same time, the same week, I heard about his new bullying of women, – said Yee.

Charlene also accused Seth Rogan, who was one of Woe Creator producers, of covering up for James Franco and helping him avoid responsibility for indecent behaviour. The actress also clarified that Franco has been hunting not only women but also children for many years.

White people say that it is not their responsibility to hold Franco, Rogan and their assistants accountable for what they did. Then whose responsibility is it? Women and children who have PTSD after being bullied by Franco? White people are very childish when it comes to sacrificing their superiority because they don’t really care, added Charlene.

Yee added that rapists and their accomplices always use special psychological abuse tactics, which have serious consequences for victims: they often lose their sense of reality and think about suicide.

Recall that the first accusations of sexual harassment fell on James Franco back in 2018. Then, at once, five students of Franco’s acting school accused him of inappropriate behaviour during classes and filming bed scenes and also said that he offered them roles in his paintings in exchange for sex. Later, the actor’s alleged victims drew up a class action lawsuit against him, while Franco’s representatives continue to deny his involvement in the sex scandal to this day.

Interestingly, in the same 2018, Charlene Yee made her first loud statement. Then she accused Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment. She told how the musician once came to the set of “House Doctor” and began to molest the girl.

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